American Factfinder
Your primary source for population, housing, economic and geographic data, from the U.S. Census Bureau. Looking for average family income, racial mix or other data for a state, county or city? This is the pace to find what you're looking for quickly!

One Look Online Dictionary
Need to find a word quickly? Don't drag out your dictionary...visit this site! This site consolidates all the online dictionaries, including over 4.2 MILLION words! Even links to dictionaries with internet and computer terms (e.g.-enter YAHOO). This site also has a wildcard spellcheck that will find words beginning with, ending with, or containing, a string of characters! Also, check out WWWebster Online Dictionary, which includes a Thesaurus!

Enter an address and get an instant map, with a star marking the location of the address. Then zoom in or out, request local shopping, dining or lodging locations, and even get turn-by-turn directions with mini maps to help get you there! Maps On Us is another excellent source for the same thing.

Looking to try some new software? NoNags specializes in finding freeware or shareware that does not NAG you to register, and has HUNDREDS of software titles you can download and try, listed by category and rated by the site's owner.
If you're BORED, go here. It will keep you entertained for HOURS. Actually an extensive list of interesting, unique and off-beat sites on the internet, like the BIRTHDAY SERVER, where you can look up her birthday, if you have her name and zipcode (doesn't have everybody in the U.S. - only 135,000,000 - about 50%)! - The bunk stops here!
Few things bog down the internet as much as emails urging you to "Forward this to everyone you know." It might involve a missing child or a supposed new virus going around or a chance to make money because the number of emails you send are being "tracked." To find out if it's legit, go to this site first and check it out. They have five searches to real info on just about every rumor, hoax or urban legend on the `Net. Enter a few keywords from the email in question into their search, and get the truth!

The Secret Guide to Computers
The online version of the book makes this one of the better places on the web to get all your answers to your computer questions. PC Magazine says, "Whether novice or expert, you'll learn from the Guide and have a good time doing so. No other computer book is a better value."

USPS Zipcode+4 Lookup
Quickly find the 9-digit zipcode for any delivery address in the U.S., and speed up delivery of your mailing.

"Your First Click to the U.S. Government" No matter what you're looking for within the U.S. Governement, this is the place to start. Everything from applying for student loans to tax information can be found here!

Information Please
Online Almanac with loads of information on just about any topic. Also check out their Fact Monster.

About Quotations: All-in-one Quotations Search Looking for a quotation? There are several sources to search for a quotation on the web, but this one searches all the major quotation databases for your quote!

The Internet Movie Database
What's coming out at the theatre soon, or on TV or DVD or Video? And is it worth seeing? You can find out on this site, the most complete database on the topic of movies anywhere. Characters, plots, star biographies, quotes and ratings on every movie ever

Price Watch
Thinking about buying a new digital camera, printer, PDA, notebook, computer, memory, etc.? Then you really should check here first, because it will help you locate the best street price for just about anything electronic!

How Things Work
Ever wondered how something works? You can find out here. Sponsored by the University of Virginia, the people who run this site will try to answer any question you may have about how things work, from how a paper towel absorbs water to how the universe is expanding, and everything in between! "

Global Dining
Find restaurants by country, state or zipcode, FAST! For more information on dining establishments, visit Fodor's Restaurant Guide Online
If you're a golfer looking for a course to play, start here! They have info on over 20,000 courses worldwide. A joint venture of Sports Illustrated and Golf Magazine. Complete course information, directions, facilities, user ratings and even a scorecard for most courses!

So You Wanna
Teaches you how to do all the things nobody taught you in school: how to avoid getting a traffic ticket, how to fake being a wine expert, how to talk with the dead, how